Framework for Regression Testing


FReT is yet another framework for testing Common Lisp software. Its design has been inspired by other test frameworks, Common Lisp and otherwise: Lift, CLOSUnit, JUnit, etc. Its emphasis however is on being an interactive test development and testing tool that blends in well with the design of Common Lisp. FReT should enable simple unit test authoring and execution, batch testing, quality analysis over the software's lifetime, etc. The intent is to make FReT a tool that is able to provide significant quality assurance over the life of Common Lisp software.

A key feature of FReT is its explicit representation of test scripts, test suites, and test cases. This is essential for interactively creating and modifying the test cases, and also supports testing macros correctly. FReT also suppors writing out test definitions to storage.

At present, FReT only supports interactive unit testing and basic interactive manipulation. It allows defining and deleting test suites, test cases and test scripts. FReT also supports on-the-fly modification of fixtures and the class hierarchy. Future plans include mechanisms for integrating with build tools such as ASDF, batch testing, test result archiving, and comparing test results across runs, to name a few.

FReT is able to test itself, in the meta-circular spirit of Lisp. This is particularly easy if you use ASDF: after loading FReT, execute (fret:test-fret).


The other FReT page and subversion repository reside on this server.

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FReT is available under the standard BSD license.

The current release is 0.4. Download via http. FReT is also available via asdf-install.

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